QR code-based mandate setup

Paycorp proudly announces the launch of first of kind QR code-based mandate setup in its platform.

How it works?
The field agent of a corporate visits his customer and registers the mandate. Once the mandate details are filled by the field agent and data entry is completed, a QR code is generated in Paycorp for that mandate.

Field agent shows the QR code to the customer, customer scans the QR code from his mobile. Once scanned, mandate authorization page is displayed to the customer and the customer completes the authorization of mandate

What is the benefit?
1. The field agent need not wait for the SMS tinyurl delivery to the customer and then the customer to initiate the mandate authentication

2. Risk of ‘man in the middle’ attack in tinyurl SMS delivery is mitigated.

3. Reduces one SMS delivery cost in our application.

4. Improve in success rate of registration of mandate. Registration gets done in front of the agent instantly. All uncertainties are taken care in front of the field agent.