Collaborative Payment System is the way forward for Banks

In the last six months, a series of events like the bitcoin surge, movement to Real Time Payments and Open Banking overtures through PSD2 has brought a new alignment of financial forces. Disruptions like IoT, mobile technology and deeper in-roads of smartphones has further skyrocketed customer expectations. Many millennials are expecting their banking experience be seamless and uncluttered as their…

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AI powered financial advisors transforming the way we do investments

The recent presentation by Sundar Pichai about Google Duplex made the world stand up and take notice. It marked the arrival of robo-assistants that understood the nuances of human conversation. The interaction mimicked the intonation and rhythm of a conversation.  The presentation saw Google Duplex successfully making a restaurant reservation without even the business owner suspecting that it was a…

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Understanding UPI and its Impact on Payments in India

The demonetization drive of November 2016 had a profound impact on the people of both rural and urban India, significantly changing the way in which they transacted money. While the adoption of e-wallets and other digital payment methods were low before demonetization, the months after saw a sharp surge in the popularity of digital finance. E-Wallets and mobile payment apps…

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