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Payments Collection in the no-touch world

The world has changed and has changed once and for all. Businesses big and small seek ways to gain back control over their customer base, revenue and cash. It was reasonable for utility providers to expect that more than 80% of all their bills to be paid in time by the customer. We estimate that this will drop to less…

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Paycorp UPI Mandates‚Äč solutions. NPCI eNach solutions for UPI mandates. UPI mandates solutions provider in india

5 Benefits of Real-time Payments

In recent years, countries around the world have made significant efforts to upgrade financial transaction processes with a view to enable faster payments processing, real-time settlements and secure transactions. Real-time payments are steadily gaining popularity across the globe. Several countries like the United Kingdom, Denmark, Mexico, Chile and India, among others have real-time payment systems in place, that can transact…

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Repeated payments through electronic mandates

A good number of businesses have recurring receivables. A products company earns annual maintenance, which as the name suggests, accrues each year. Lenders get their principal and interest paid in a fortnightly or monthly repayment cycle. Insurance companies receive their premiums monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. Utility companies like electricity or internet service providers have monthly receivables, though the value…

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Dial *99# for Indian Ingenuity

Pickup your mobile phone and dial *99# . What you see next represents the ingenuity of the Indian payments industry. India is a nation where people at the extreme ends of the spectrum co-exist. The richest to the poorest. The highly tech savvy to the least technologically aware or inclined. Therefore, when we rollout a scheme, a solution or a…

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