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Why Payment Modernization in Corporate Banking Is Not an Option but A Must Now a Days?

The payment ecosystem has witnessed tectonic changes over the last decade creating constant challenges for financial institutions. An increasingly growing and competitive marketplace, more tech-savvy customers, complex regulatory requirements, and lastly a global pandemic have pushed the traditional financial institutions to evaluate opportunities for payments modernizations. Without a doubt, Payment modernization is a constant challenge for financial institutions and banks.…

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Future of Payments: Key Trends

Advances in security technology and the evolving habits of customers has led to rapid growth in the payments industry. Here are some key trends that are redefining the future of payments.   It is evident that instant payments are the future of payments. Explore the potential of payments modernization with enterprise-ready solutions from Revolutionize Digital Payments with Make your digital payment…

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5 Benefits of Real-time Payments

In recent years, countries around the world have made significant efforts to upgrade financial transaction processes with a view to enable faster payments processing, real-time settlements and secure transactions. Real-time payments are steadily gaining popularity across the globe. Several countries like the United Kingdom, Denmark, Mexico, Chile and India, among others have real-time payment systems in place, that can transact…

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Repeated payments through electronic mandates

A good number of businesses have recurring receivables. A products company earns annual maintenance, which as the name suggests, accrues each year. Lenders get their principal and interest paid in a fortnightly or monthly repayment cycle. Insurance companies receive their premiums monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. Utility companies like electricity or internet service providers have monthly receivables, though the value…

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