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What is SI Mandates?

Warm-Up Convenience and control are the constant endeavors of humans. They drove humans from our early nomadic lives through agriculture, industrial revolution till today’s digital age. Convenience and control over physical activities such as travel, heavy or hard labor were of predominant focus. While advancements in this area continue to occur, today convenience and control of the intangible are taking…

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buy now pay later

Buy Now Pay Later

It is not new for consumers to shop for relatively high-cost goods and services such as jewelry, electronic items, vehicles, homes, etc. in Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI). While organized financing has been both available and widespread for vehicles, homes the shopping of jewelry, electronic items have been done predominantly either through down payments or through installment options offered by credit…

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Paycorp Enterprise payments solutions in India. ACH solutions for small medium and large enterprises in india.

Payments Collection in the no-touch world

The world has changed and has changed once and for all. Businesses big and small seek ways to gain back control over their customer base, revenue and cash. It was reasonable for utility providers to expect that more than 80% of all their bills to be paid in time by the customer. We estimate that this will drop to less…

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Liquidity projections are crucial during these tough times. Get it Right with

Liquidity projections or liquidity forecast is an estimation of company’s expected future cash flows. Such cash flows may be in the form of both, payables and receivables. Liquidity projections often serve as an indication to the management about how viable or/and profitable the company’s operations are going to be in the near-future. Also, such projections also would help the management…

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