No need for technology upgrade

Or setting up payment collection process


  • Sign up and chose your sponsor bank.
  • Start uploading payment instructions

Upload payments files in any form

  • XML, XLS, CSV or anything else
  • We will process them and get your payment into your account

Convert paper mandates

  • Paper mandates take days to process
  • We will convert paper to emandates and save you precious time and money

Chose your payment mode

  • Chose NACH Mandate or UPI mandate
  • paycrop.io processes it all

Sponsor Bank relationship

  • Don’t have a sponsorbank relationship?
  • No problem. We will help you chose from our list of sponsor banks


  • Use our device compatible dashboard
  • Track your payments position anywhere anytime
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Why paycorp.io?

900 Billion Rs.

payments processed

13 million

Payments instructions processed

8 Years

Serving recurring payments market

Top Banks

participation as sponsors


Designed to crunch processing time

One solution for all your payment management needs

data entry

Capture the mandate image and submit. Find the electronic mandate set up before you know.

Get paid
when it
falls due

We know when your payment is due. So we will initiate the payment request and see to it that you get paid on time everytime

100% success in payment instruction set-up

Be it paper mandates, eMandates, eSignMandates or UPI mandates We have the most optimum process for setting up your payments. Zero mandate set up filures means maximum receipts

for money

paycorp.io offers most flexible, pay as you grow pricing. No capital investment and no onboarding charges. Risk free trial period offer.

Best in
class support

We have served the Indian and International payments markets for 8 years. We serve your needs proactively so your payments never fails to reach you.

Open Banking

Our APIs and APKs are designed for no-tech integration. Whether it your field operation or sponsor bank interface, we can enable for you with insiginificant effort.


paycorp.io applies ML to predict potential defaults in payment and sends frequent reminders before due date.

Multiple sponsor
bank options

paycorp.io integrates with many top banks. Your business an derisk by routing paymens through many sponsor bank options.


paycorp.io has capitalised on our payments processing experience to develop most relevant ResponseMIS so you know all you need know about your payments at any time.

Our clients love to talk about their payment experience

Price as low as Rs. 9 per Mandate

Try it for a month at no cost.
We know we will impress you.



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